What is the Prop ?

  • props can be seen on many construction sites and are used to support a structure or transfer a load. Construction props are typically used to support concrete formwork while the concrete is curing or to support a roof or overhead structure while removing, replacing or repairing a wall or other supporting structure. They are easy to position and are fully adjustable with in the height range of the prop.
  • props consist of two circular steel tubes, an inner tube with a top plate that slides up and down freely inside an outer tube which is attached to the base plate. The inner tube has holes down its length so that you can quickly extend the inner tube to just below the desired height and insert a steel pin to lock in that length. To extend the prop to the correct height the top of the outer tube is threaded and a collar, which is similar to a nut on a bolt, picks up and supports the steel pin. So by rotating the collar and moving it up it extends the inner prop. This allows you to achieve the exact height required.

 When it comes to using  Props on your project you have a number of different options to choose from.