Walk-through beam HAKI

  • Walk-through beam HAKIA walk-through beam 1.76 m is used if there is a requirement to maintain clear pedestrian passage under the scaffolding.
  • This beam has a rigid construction with high carrying capacity. It is a truss girder made of two flanges interconnected by diagonals and post standards.  
  • Putting together this beam with scaffolding standards 2.04 m equipped with screw foot, a walk-through frame with the span of 1.76 m is created. A walk-through frames could be connected by means of longitudinal beams or by handrail frames. If necessary, an additional bracing can be applied.   
  • When the walk-through frame is placed next to a building, a scaffolding of the field width  0.71 or 1.05 m can be erected on it