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Longitudinal and transom beams adaptors (suspenders)

  • Longitudinal and transom beams adaptorsThose adaptors are used to increase variability and versatility of the scaffolding
  • The adaptors are used if there is necessity to narrow down the field width or shorten length of the field or for perpendicular scaffolding connections – extensions. These adaptors enable to bypass any facade irregularities (chimney, blocks etc.) or the scaffold could enter scaffolding into recesses or protrusions without use of any additional standards (or with reduced number only).
  • These parts are of very simple construction. Its shape is „horseshoe“ with welded sockets for assembly of longitudinal and transom beams.
  • The adaptors shall be placed on longitudinal or transom beams (the adaptors could be shifted along the longitudinal or transom beam) and fixed by screw brake on desired place where assembly of additional components will take place.
Transon beam with brake Longitudinal beam with brake Transon beam with lange

Závěs příčníkový s brzdou

WEIGHT (kg): 2

Závěs podélníkový s brzdou

WEIGHT (kg): 1,8

Závěs příčníkový s přírubou

WEIGHT (kg): 3,9

Transon beam with lange

Transon beam with lange