Consoles HAKI

  • Consoles are being used when it is necessary to bypass in transverse direction e.g. balcony, moldings, eaves etc. or if it is necessary to bring scaffolding closer to the receding object. These scaffolding parts are of simple construction and of high carrying capacity.
  • Consoles corresponds to the scaffolding width of 0.71, 1.05 and 1.25 m  
  • Consoles with the span corresponding to the height of scaffolding floor (2.04 m) have high carrying capacity, short consoles of the height corresponding to the stirrups span (0.68 m) are lighter and has lower carrying capacity.
  • Out of this range of the consoles is 0.33 m console which is used for inner purposes. For decorated facades (to approach the facade, to bypass a balcony etc.) consoles with length of 0.30 m, 0.66 m, and 0.72 m were developed. They can also be used as "layaway” fields for storing material.
Consoles HAKI  Consoles HAKI
Consoles HAKI


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