Bridging beams HAKI

  • Bridging beams HAKIBridging scaffolding beams are used when the span of 4-8 m is necessary to bridge. This component has high carrying capacity.  
  • This beams are used when gates, entrances, garage entries etc. bridging is required.
  • HAKI has developed 2 types of bridging beams: Beam with flange and beam with couplers.

Bridging beams with flange

These beams are very robust weldments enabling bridging of 2x of the field length. They correspond to longitudinal beams 3.0 and 2.45 m thus extending the field length to 6.05 and 4.85 m.

Bridging beams with flange Bridging beams with flange

Bridging beams with coupler

These beams are weldments of length of 6.2 and 2.09 m. They are, compared to the first type (flange), very universal what means they can be used for various lengths of the bridged fields. They can be connected by couplers to one beam of the length of 8.29 m. 

Bridging beams with coupler Bridging Coupler  Bridging beams with coupler