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Adaptors for circular scaffolding

  • HAKI circular scaffoldingThe adaptors are used, if the scaffolding field forms with neighboring transom beams any acute (closed) angle. By means of 3 adaptors could circular scaffolding be erected.
  • There is used swiveling adaptor and one post standard is spared in the place of the field connection. 
  • Neighboring fields on each floor are connected on the outer side by means of two railings which are fixed to the standards by means of adjustable and swiveling catches on the railings. These adaptors enable HAKI scaffolding to copy circular, elliptical or irregular ground plan of the object.

HAKI circular scaffolding

Rotable connection joint

Otočný styčník

Code: OTS

Weight (kg): 1,4

Adjustable guard rail holder

Stavitelný záchyt zábradlí

Code: SZZ

Weight (kg): 0,5

Rotable guard rail connection

Otočný záchyt zábradlí

Code: OZZ

Weight (kg): 0,4