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How To Choose The Right Prop

Well the first step is to look at the height or distance that you are looking to prop. Do not use props that are too short by making up the gap with timber or other packer and always use the correct length prop for the job. Similarly, if your propping distance is on the limit of the fully collapsed prop it may be best to select the next size down to ensure that there is enough adjustment in the prop if there is a slight variation on site.

The second step is to look at what load the prop is required to support. You will need to consult your Engineer or other responsible persons regarding the weight of the overhead structure so they can determine what loads are required to be supported. Where the load is higher than the capacity of a single prop you can use multiple props to increase the supported load in a given area.

Ensure that wherever you use a construction prop that the structure at both the base and the head of the prop are solid and strong enough to support the desired load. If there is any doubt then it would be a good idea to spread the impact of the prop by using a spreader beam or plate.

Remember that the correct selection of your props is critical to the safety and efficiency of your building site and must always be signed off by a suitably qualified engineer or other qualified person.